Black shattered heart

Riot Grrrl Sessions is a Swedish riot grrrl project exploring new ways to collaborate in music and arts.

In September of 2017 a dozen punk and rock musicians joined forces in a studio for one weekend to write, rehearse and record the worlds first Riot Grrrl Sessions. Besides making new friends, jamming and having a lot of fun this session resulted in a 13 track album, “The First Session”, was released upon the world on Feb 23, 2018 on both vinyl, cd and digital platforms.

Session II was going to take place in 2020 but the pandemic put everything on hold. When we’re on the other side of Covid-19 we will continue with the plans for session II which areĀ  to create twelve temporary bands who each will make a riot grrrl song that we will record and then release as an album. Scroll down for an info video on Session II.

Everyone involved in this project from musicians to label to graphic designer to sound engineers etc. are women, non-binary or transgender people.

Listen to the first session here: