Pre order bonanza!


Only a month now until “The First Session” hits! Feb 23 must come fast if you ask us! I mean look at us, 1000 % cool outside the studio during our session! Brings back good vibes and memories! Photo by amazing Anna Ledin Wirén.

Photo of everyone in the project outside the studio

Also this just in! Our awesome label GMR music has pre order’s up now for cd’s, black vinyl and special bundle’s with white and gold vinyl. The vinyl comes in a gatefold cover with booklet inlay, designed by the amazing Malin Ringsby! In the mood for shopping? YES, I WANNA SHOP!

We’ll of course bring stuff to our release party in Stockholm which I hope you haven’t forgotten all about? Feb 21 on Bar Brooklyn. Here’s the link to the Facebookevent again: HELLO, I’M A LINK!

Talk to you soon!

//Canan and team