Band leader #2: Angelica Hurtig

Introducing Angelica Hurtig, vocals. Member of punk band Dick Tracy. Active in Den Brinnande Busken.

BACKGROUND: Having no musical experience at all, Angelica started screaming in punk bands around 2008. It was thanks to her friend Helena (who also plays bass in the Riot grrrl sessions band). She thought Angelica always yelled and could, therefore, do it in a band. Around 2009 they started Dick Tracy together, with Angelica screaming as many words possible in the shortest amount of time. Distance and other interests have put the band on a hiatus after ten years rocking. Nowadays she does the vocals in the more melodic band Den Brinnande Busken. Angelica states that to challenge herself to do things even though it feels scary has helped her develop into the singer she is today.

RECORDING SESSION: First riot grrrl session, record in late March.

Describe your band in three words!

Norrbotten rock’n’roll!

Why did you decide to join the project?

Because It’s a super cool and important project. It also feels nice to show that there are active female musicians in the northern part of Sweden who shares a hatred for patriarchy as well.

Last song you listened to?

Roses are falling with Orville Peck. 

What word do you use too much?

”Helvete ” and ”fränt” – often together.

What’s in the Angelica starter pack!

Coffee, a cape and obscure decoration. 

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

To be free to do what I want and not have to fit into society’s standards.