Band leader #9: Emilia Gustavsson

Introducing Emilia Gustavsson, guitar and bass. Active in the bands Tomma Intet and Lavette.
emilia gustavsson

BACKGROUND: Starting out in the political pop-punk band Trampstamp, Emilia was also in the spy-punk band Still Ill before she joined the dreamy rock band Tomma Intet on bass. She also plays guitar in Lavette, a 60’s garage rock band with surf pop vibes.

RECORDING SESSION: Third recording round of session II – September.

Describe yourself in emojis.


What song do you wish you had written?

Right in this moment: “Idles” by Danny Nedelko.

What is your most useless talent?

I’m great at wrestling while drunk.

What kind of band leader will you be?

I’ll try to make my band feel comfortable being creative and try new things and hopefully influence both me and the rest of my band to go a bit out of our own comfort zone.

What can we expect from your session?

My band so far is Sigrid Michal from Lavette and Amelie Macsik from Trampstamp, Gröp and Lavette and we hope to make something that’s a bit odd but super catchy!

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

My dream when i was 16 was to be or know or hang out with people who call themselves riot girls, and now i can make that dream come true in the most perfect way.