Band leader #6: Emmy Windelhed

Introducing Emmy Windelhed, drums. Ex-drummer in the punk band Matriarkatet and studio drummer.

BACKGROUND: Started playing in bands when she was 16 playing different instruments in various constellations. Started the punk band Matriarkatet together with a couple of friends and old band members it became clear that her main instrument would be the drums. Matriarkatet played about 100 live shows between 2013-2017. Since then Emmy has finished a three-year education with a focus on the music industry. Today Emmy mostly plays the drums during her free time, and sometimes stand in as live drummer for solo artists. She also works with tour management, something that she loves doing.

RECORDING SESSION: Second recording round of Session II.

Last song you listened to?

PJ Harvey – Long Snake Moan. 

What word do you use too much?


Name three things in the Emmy starter pack!

Joy, irony and order.

Describe your band in three words.

Interesting, creative and serious. Fitting words for the ones that will make up my band. A mixture of musicians that I’ve worked with before, and new acquaintances that I really look forward to writing with.

Why did you decide to join the project?

Since I was offered to join the first Riot Girrrl Session, and unfortunately couldn’t attend, it felt like a must for me to join in this year. I also feel like it’s a very important project, so I have no hesitation when it comes to my decision to take part in it.

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

It means a lot, especially now that I have gotten a second chance to join. It’s really an honour, and I am so psyched for this!