Band leader #7: Frida Ståhl

Introducing Frida Ståhl, bass. Active in the punk band The Baboon Show.
frida ståhl

BACKGROUND: Frida have been playing the bass in different bands since she was 14, and recording and touring with bands like Meldrum and La Puma. Today Frida is active in the punk outfit The Baboon Show.

RECORDING SESSION:  Third recording round of session II – September.

Your fav emoji?

…. I looove emojis

What song would you add to a playlist?

“Shitlist” by L7.

Name something not everyone know about you.

I have to shit before every gig when the intro starts otherwise my bass amp will break!

What is your vision as a band leader?

To form a great band with people I admire, have a great time in the studio and kick ass together.

How did you pick the band members?

I knew right away who I wanted in the band. And when the grrrls said yes it was the greatest feeling. I wanted a power-trio and I sure got one! The first time I saw them both on stage I got really blown away. I loved everything!

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

Except for nostalgia and the 90’s? Because I’m that old, haha! No seriously, it means that you can be yourself 100%. You feel accepted, you are allowed to take charge, be strong, be weak… Well, be you.