Band leader #3: Jonna Wiberg

Introducing Jonna Wiberg, bass, guitar, and vocals. Earlier in Totem Skin. Active in To Languish.
Jonna Wiberg

BACKGROUND: Active in the heavy hardcore scene with mixed elements from both grindcore, black metal and death metal. In the later years, Jonna has primarily been more into the screamo and emo music scene. Currently doing everything in the project To Languish, self-recorded first album out now (recorded in Jonnas friends studio in Bremen Germany). Former bands: Bass in Totem Skin, guitar and vocals in Vivre Sa Vie.

RECORDING SESSION: First riot grrrl session, record in late March.

What song would you add to a playlist?

Full of Hell – Burning Myrrh

Your fav emoji?


Name something not everyone know about you.

I’ve been vegan for over a decade.

What is your vision as a band leader?

I always think that it’s important not to forget to have fun but on a more musical level, I always love to think outside the box of writing music in means of dissecting the idea of song structures, unreasonable use of time signatures and tempo changes. And of course add a lot of feedback and noise.

How did you pick the band members?

I know Hella from before because we play in another band together and I’m very comfortable around her. She always has a lot of good input and is a great bass player. I always wanted to do something with Lovisa so I was happy she wanted to join us. We have a lot of common friends in the music scene. And with Aisté I’ve been following her on Instagram for quite some while and been interested to try doing music and get to know her better. I thought it would be fun just to chose members that felt more close to me music-wise and also are great people. (Stay tuned for Instagram updates from Jonnas band).

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

For me personally, I think riot grrrl has not always been for everyone and especially very cisnormative and heteronormative, but times are changing and during this decade it has become more inclusive to transgender and GNC (gender non-conforming)-people like me. So for me, riot grrrl means to make everyone who identifies as a woman or non-cismen feel included in the community and remember that we stand together against patriarchy and we need to keep our feminism intersectional. It’s important not to forget that the early riot grrrl movement contained a lot of trans invisibility and we need to acknowledge that we need to do better to make trans people feel more included and safe. This is especially directed towards cis women. #TransGrrrlRiot