Band leader #4: Madeleine Frankie

madeleine frankie
Introducing Madeleine Frankie, synth, vocals and theremin. Active in the punk band Snake.
madeleine frankie

BACKGROUND: Madeleine has played in a couple of bands throughout the years, such as Night Terror and Snake (current). She was also a part of the first round of Riot Grrrl Sessions. Madeleine wrote three songs and contributed to three others with synth and backup vocals. Her main instrument is synth, but she also sings and plays the theremin.

RECORDING SESSION: Second recording round of Session II – mid-June.

What song would you always add to a playlist?

Most likely one of ESG’s amazing dance punk hits!

One thing that people always gets wrong about you?

My age… 

Your favourite sound in the world?

The sound of analogue synthesizers.

What type of band leader are you?

I’m the kind of leader that thinks giving freedom works best, though I bring a shitload of creative thoughts and suggestions to the process. I believe my band companions know their instruments and musical ways best, so I trust the band to be free creatively. That said, I think it’s important when directing people in a band like this (where we have a time limit) to set the frame, narrow it down and work from what is nearest rooted to everyone’s core. Otherwise, you’d only get screwed by getting carried away with your own flow in the end… With great creativity comes great responsibility, I guess!

What can we expect from your band?

Well, since I’ve asked some of the coolest musicians in Sweden to be in my band you can only expect a result that will go BOOM! 

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

I’ve found a lot of musical inspiration and personal strength from the Riot Grrrl movement over the years. I knew I wanted to be a part of it from the moment that I heard about this protected space where grrrls support grrrls – regardless of sexuality, gender and ethnicity.