Band leader #5: Moa Lenngren

moa lenngren browsing collection
Introducing Moa Lenngren, guitar and vocals. Active in the heavy punk rock band Browsing Collection.
Foto: Yukiwada Fotografie

BACKGROUND: Moa has been playing music since she was a kid, and founded Browsing Collection around the age of 13. Starting out just for fun the band members switched instruments every other rehearsal since none of them ‘could really play anything’. Moa went from drummer and bass player to guitarist and fell in love with the guitar. Browsing Collection has shifted shape in several ways during the years but is still Moas main music project.

RECORDING SESSION: Second recording round of Session II – mid-June.

What song would you add to a playlist?

Probably some catchy tune that I think most people haven’t heard before. I’m super into a blues rock period right now so perhaps a song by Larkin Poe or Dorothy!

One thing that people always gets wrong about you?

It might be that people actually think that you have to be super cool and cocky because you play in a hard rock band. Even though I shred, headbang and scream my lungs out on stage in front of hundreds of people, I’m just the biggest and geekiest nerd who program computer games on my spare time and cry when I watch cute puppies on Instagram. Some people get confused by the tough appearance but I say it’s the best of both worlds. 

Your favourite sound in the world?

The cheering of a happy, excited and loud crowd!

What type of band leader are you?

I like to think that I’m a very creative and open-minded band leader. Since I’ve been in my own band Browsing Collection for over ten years now I know the importance of making room for new ideas and to let everyone speak their mind. Also, I’m that super nerdy excel person who makes checklists of everything. When I can update an item from undone to done and mark it green it tickles a little bit inside. I really hope and think these two personalities can be a good combination even in this new project.

What can we expect from your band?

Some absolute killer riffs and a great amount of attitude! Hopefully also a whole lot of fun and a handful of new friends. 

What does riot grrrl mean to you?

It means everything I do and breathe, more or less. First and foremost by being in a band with only women I’m naturally a part of the movement, but also by just existing and doing my thing, do it well and to show others that everything is possible. I like to believe that I and my band Browsing Collection are role models for upcoming musicians since we work hard with sharing experiences and knowledge to younger generations through workshops, lectures, music camps and social media. I might not dig the term riot grrrl to a 100% tho, ‘cause I think this riot is for everyone, especially the ones who actually are responsible for why we’re not being equally treated in this business. But the concept is super important and I will keep on supporting it until I’m unable to speak, play or write songs no more.