Band leader #8: Tess de la Cour

Introducing Tess De La Cour, drums, guitar and vocals. Active in Snake and Memoria.
tess de la cour

BACKGROUND: Tess is the drummer of punk-trio Snake and does vocals and plays guitar in solo project Memoria. She has also been active in bands such as Kamikatze, Black Feet, Bruce Banner, Perculators and Lobscurite.

RECORDING SESSION:  Third recording round of session II – September.

Describe yourself in emojis


What song do you wish you had written?

“Deceptacon” by Le Tigre.

What kind of band leader will you be?

Good communication, motivate each other and have fun!

What can we expect from your session?


What does riot grrrl mean to you?

A safe space, energy, courage, strength and a way to change a very male dominated music scene.